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Commercial/Apartment/Condo Policies - High Value Program

Am Best "A (Excellent)" Rated Carriers.

Admitted, Preferred Program - Super competitive rates!

Commercial Fire, Liability and Liquor available.  Monoline or Package policies available.

2 unit rental homes acceptable.

Agency and Direct Bill policies are available.

No Contractors through this program - see contractors program.


Other Great Features: Requirements
  • 15M maximum fire limit
  • $1M / $2M maximum occ/agg liability
  • $1M maximum Liquor Liability
  • Equiptment Breakdown available
  • Many "add on" coverages available
  • ACV or RC
  • Questions?  E-mail the underwriter
  • 5 years hard loss runs (new purchase for LRO building is acceptable)
  • Fully Updated
  • Building owners must get certificates of insurance from tenants and be named as addtl insured 
  • Businesses require prior experience
Most Popular Classes:    Classes Available      Ineligible Risks:
Apartments - 2 or more units
Auto Repair Shops
   (no GL see Tow/Garage Program)
Building LRO
Building - Owner Occ.
Condo Assocations
Grocery Stores
Retail Stores
Sport Bars/Taverns
Warehouses and many more...
  • Lack of pride in ownership
  • Claim history E-mail the underwriter for acceptability
  • If apartments, no section 8, elderly or student housing
  • No updates

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